Design & Build a Holiday Photobooth

Nonprofits, charities, and small businesses are invited to enter their photobooth idea for a dedicated placemaking space at Holiday Sparkle.

What does that mean? Many organizations set up their own displays last year at Gray's Creek for the drive-through experience. This year, we're out of our cars and want to create 10 wonderful photobooths to celebrate the holidays. 

Read the rules

  • Structure needs to withstand the elements for 3 weeks and be secured to prevent it from falling over

  • Cannot ruin the grass below or natural landscape

  • COVID-friendly (can wipe down)

  • 30-50 feet wide (max)


Submit your idea

Create a sketch of your plan for your photobooth to upload using the form here. Give us a ballpark estimate of the cost to build it.  Be creative, have fun, and make it relevant! Submit by October 29th, at 5pm (extended from Oct 25). 


Judges will pick the 10 best ideas

Judges will review submissions and choose the top 10 applicants to build and set up their photo booth at Holiday Sparkle from December 9-18th, 2021. Organizations will receive a stipend to cover some of the cost to build.  We will provide signage at the photobooth with a QR code where attendees can use their phone to donate or support directly.


Submit your idea

Upload File
Thanks for submitting. We'll be posting the results here by November 5th.